Here you can find all the products which are available.
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You can collect it at our table at shows. We can send the food, but then we have to charge extra, depending on your location.

Repashy Superfoods Meal Replacement Powder

A complete diet for Crested Geckos and all fruit eating geckos.
Simple mix with water till you have the right density.

Repashy Superfood CGD - 150 gram

Repashy Superfood CGD - 450 and 1800 grams

Repashy Superhatch

This is a fantastic incubation media. It's color changes based on the amount of water it contains so you can easily monitor visually for changes in moisture level.
It can almost be re-used indefinitely by cooking or boiling to sterilize.
We have had great success incubating Rhacodactylus eggs on the Superhatch and we highly recommend it.

Repashy Superhatch - 1800 grams