The influence of the incubation-time on the head structure of Correlophus ciliatus

A lot of geckos are TSD (Temperature Sex Dependant), which means that their gender is determined by the incubation-temperature.
This doesn't work with New Caledonian geckos. Some of them, like Rh. auriculatus and Rh. leachianus are somewhat TSD but not for 100%.
You can never tell if it's a male or a female straight from the egg.

Andrew Gilpin discovered that with ciliatus the incubation time has got influence on the head structures of the geckos.
In general this means, how longer the incubation, how better the head looks. So incubating on low temperatures often gives better results.
When you incubate on a high temperature the incubationperiod will be short, which results in a poor head structure.
The hatchlings can also be weaker when incubated for a short period, even so weak they they have trouble hatching and die.
The weight of these animals is also lower then of the ones which are incubated longer.
When you incubate on lower temperatures the eggs will incubate longer, but make sure the temperature isn't too low, cause long incubationperiods can also cause the hatchling to die.
Generally an incubation period between 80-100 days will give hatchlings with a good weight and a nice head structure, but there can be exceptions to this.

Basically it comes down to this, when you incubate eggs from breeding animals with a poor head on a low temperature, you can still get hatchlings with an amazing headstructure.

Here are some examples of hatchlings we had, from the same pairing under different incubation times.

Incubationtime: 71 days
Weight: 1,9 gram

Incubationtime: 57 days
Weight 1,6 gram

Incubationtime: 63 days
Weight: 1,8 gram

Incubationtime: 63 days
Weight: 1,8 gram

Incubationtime: 85 days
Weight: 1,9 gram

Incubationtime: 129 days
Weight: 1,9 gram

Incubationtime: 130 days
Weight: 2,0 gram

Famu-7 already has got a nice had, so an incubationtime of 85 days is enough to get a good head structure.
Famu-9 incubated one day longer that it's clutchmate, but the head is a bit less nice.
Famu-8 has got the best head structure of them all.