Friedel VS Troeger

There are two different lines of Rhacodactylus leachianus Mt. Koghis.
We will show you the differences between the two of them.

The Friedel line animals were found by Henkel on the lower regions of Mt. Koghis.
At daytime the animals are pale grey/greenish with light colored blotches.
At night they are dark green with white, pink or orange blotches.
The adult size of a Friedel line is about 30-33 cm long and between 250 and 300 grams.

The Troeger line animals were also found on Mt. Koghis by Henkel, only in the higher region of the mountain.
At daytime they are often olive colored with some brown or light grey.
At night they are dark brown to black.
The Troeger line also knows a melanistic form, which is black when fired up.
They can be patternless or they can have blotches alongside the lateral part of their body.
Geckos from this line are very robust and have big jaws.
Adults can be between 35 and 38 cm in lenght and weigh between 300 and 350 grams.
They also have enlarged scales on their nose, which are clearly visible.

Friedel line female fired down.

Friedel line female fired up.

Friedel line male fired up.

Troeger line male.

Troeger line female fired down (melanistic).

Troeger line female fired up (melanistic).

She is not an adult yet, so her color should darken some more. Here you can see the enlarged scales.

It isn't so that when you have a leachie with enlarged scales on their nose that you automatically have a Mt. Koghis. Mixes between locales can also have them.
To find out the locale of the leachie you own, you must be able to trace down the lineage to the person who captured the animals on New Caledonia themselves.
You can NOT see from appearance what locale you have.