Colorchanges in Correlophus ciliatus.

From hatchling to adulthood a ciliatus will go through a lot of changes.
Almmost every hatchling will hatch with a red base color ot it's body. They will keep this color for a few weeks, then they will start to change again. The red will slowly dissapear and they will reach some kind of "In-between phase".
They don't have their hatchling color, but also don't have their adult color yet. When they are about 5-6 months their color will develop more and more and slowly they will get their adult color.
After 9 to 14 months their change is complete and they will show their true colors.
A hatchlings at a show can look very plain, but be a real stunner when it's adult. That's why you should always ask from what lines they are, with that info you might get an idea how the little one will look like when matured. Breeders with established lines sometimes can predict how their hatchlings will look like, but with ciliatus you can't be 100% sure, since their genectics still are very vague

Here are some examples of animals from our breeding-groups.

Cherry Pie:


Here are some pictures of offspring from our breeding pairs.
First a picture of how they looked before we sold them and next to it a picture of how they look at the moment.
Please know that not every gecko will change this much.