Mniarogekko Chahoua

There are two locals of chahoua. The Mainland, which is found on Grande Terre and the Pine Island, which is found on Pine Island. The chahoua is one of the bigger gecko's of New Caledonia. They can reach a total size of about 25 cm and they can weigh up to 50-60 grams.
They live for 30 years.


The Chahoua will reach sexual maturity at an age of 14-18 months. When they are about 6 months old, they can be loupe sexed. You can look for preanal pores on males (females don't have these), but it's hard to see since chahoua have small scales.


They have a prehensile tail, and they can curl it up (which looks very cute!) and they are reluctant to drop them. When they do drop them, their tail won't grow back completely.
They are very docile animals, which you can keep in pairs. Never put more then one male in the same vivarium, cause they will fight (most likely till one of them is dead).
A vivarium of 50x50x70 cm is big enough for a pair.


Chahoua's eat the same as all the other New Caledonian, but they seem to prefer insects.
We give them (just like all the others) Repashy MRP, Blaptica Dubia and every one in a while a pinky mice.