Eurydactylodes agricolae

Agricolea are small sized geckos, which will be around 10 cm in total lenght.
They can show a wide range of colors, from being an olive green color with little or no pattern, to a light grey to a faint green color with several rusty bands on the back and tail.
This species can squirt a secretion from their tailbase.


Around 12 months of age they are easy to sex. The males show a distinct Hemipenal bulge at the tail. The females have no bulge.


Agricolae are quite easy to keep, very similar to cresties. They like to climb so a high vivarium is recommended.
A vivarium with a size of 30 x 30 x 45 cm is fine for a trio. They don't require special lighting (since they are nocturnal) and no high temperatures.
We just keep them on room temperature (22-25 degrees centigrade daytime and 20-22 degrees centigrade at night) with a low wattage light bulb or LED. In the winter the temps are a bit lower Just make sure they have plenty places to hide and lot's of small branches.
As substrate we use Jungle bark,this gives the vivarium a natural look. The humidity should be around 70%. You can reach this by misting the vivarium once or twice a day.
We use artificial plants in all our vivariums cause they are easy to clean, but you can also use real plants. Just make sure they are not poisonous.


We give them Repashy Crested MRP three times a week and yogurt once a week.
Once in a month we will mash up some fresh fruit. Every once in a while we give them crickets or roaches (Blaptica Dunia), so they will have something to hunt.